Story from the Press of Atlantic City
Seek One, Avalon graffiti artist explains his process for creating his paintings.
A Radio Interview Peter Davidson and Gary Jacketti
Learn more about the "Goodbye" statue:
Click the image to watch a short documentary explaining the thought behind the "Goodbye" statue by Gary Jacketti through the artist's own words.
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Kathy Feighery

A feature at Beacon since 2011, Kathy's portfolio features a breadth of subject matter ranging from animals to seascapes and still lives. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Maine College of Art, her works have been exhibited across the country and globe. 
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Brendan O'Connell

Excerpt from artist statement, more at:

"Inspired by Edward Hopper, Brendan wanted to paint everyday America at that moment of massive transition. He first looked through the lens of retail because it’s representative of society, and Walmart because it is the most democratic iteration. While Brendan was in Europe, Walmart had experienced its most rapid expansion. He painted shoppers and interior architecture and explored our fetishistic relation to brands. Brendan was profiled in the New Yorker and on Sunday morning CBS, a guest on the Colbert Show, and featured in Time magazine. He went from being the guy who was kicked out of dozens of Walmarts for taking pictures to being the guy who can set up an easel in any store in the world."
Summer 2018 Exhibition Schedule 
Ted Walsh                                                                                                        Island Light 2018

Summer 2018 brings a new and wide variety of paintings and sculpture to Stone Harbor.  Check out the Events Tab for the specific dates and times for the complete schedule.